CFSC Overview and General Club Information Packet 


The Chaska Figure Skating Club welcomes new members anytime during the year! Our annual membership renewal is held in June. 

To register for annual membership:

  1. Login to the website or create an account: click on the Registration tab, click Create an Account and create your account
  2. Under Program Registration choose the type of membership you are registering for and continue with registration.
  3. Choose your membership type and continue with registration
  4. Write your invoice number on check memo line
  5. Complete the Membership Application Packet (link below) and submit along with payment into club drop box in coaches room (please write "Membership" on envelope) or mail to Jenn Gizinski attn: CFSC 740 Gannon Way Victoria, MN 55386


Membership Documents

CFSC New Member Registration Checklist

 CFSC Membership Application Packet  (2017-2018 year)

CFSC reciprocity application (2018 year)

SafeSport Documents

Rink Monitor Responsibilities, Sign-up Procedure & Policy


CCC Youth Policy


Home Club Membership

Annual Membership Cost: $105; Subsequent family members $65

Must have a Chaska professional and maintain home club status at CFSC. No minimum number of lessons is required. Membership requires each family to support the mandatory annual volunteer requirement.

Privileges: May participate in all activities and benefits sponsored by CFSC. May vote at annual general meeting if over 16 years of age; if under 16, parent may vote for skater with one vote per household. Home club members have priority for ice over associate members if crowding is an issue. 

  • Full Voting Rights at Annual Meeting (one vote per family or household)
  • Ice Contracting Privileges
  • Participation in Fundraising Required
  • 15 Volunteer Hours Required Annually
  • US Figure Skating Membership
  • Skating Magazine Subscription
  • Testing and Competition Privileges


Sustaining Member

Annual Membership  Cost: $25

Classifications within Sustaining Membership include: Official, Parent/Club Supporter, or Alumni. 

Privileges: May participate in all club social functions. If a home club sustaining member of CFSC and over 16 years of age, may vote at the annual general meeting.  May seek election to CFSC Board of Directors. Includes US Figure Skating Membership.

Note: There are no skating privileges associated with Sustaining Membership except for CFSC Professionals and Alumni classification. To qualify for Alumni classification a member must have previously had a Home Club Membership with Chaska FSC and be approved by the Board of Directors. Alumni will have limited skating privileges of buying on to club sessions - not to exceed 15 skating sessions during the regular skating season.


Collegiate Membership

Membership Cost: $110 (payable all at onset, but covers 4 consecutive years of membership) 

Same privileges as home club members, but open only to skaters in post-secondary schools.  No fundraising or volunteer requirement.


Junior Club – First Year

Annual Membership Cost: FREE

Membership is valid 1st year of membership only and one time only (if membership is to lapse, no repeats of junior club first year membership).

  • No Voting Rights
  • Ice Contracting is Allowed
  • Participation in Fundraising Encouraged
  • No US Figure Skating Membership Included
    • No Solo or Small Group Points accrued
    • Seniority Starts when Home Club Membership is started
  • No Competition or Testing Privileges
  • Volunteer Hours Encouraged but Not Required


Junior Club – Second Year 

Annual Membership Cost: $50

Membership is valid 2nd year of membership

  • No Voting Rights
  • Ice Contracting is Allowed
  • Participation in Fundraising Expected
  • US Figure Skating Basic Skills Membership Included
    • No Solo or Small Group Points accrued
    • Seniority Starts when Home Club Membership is started
  • May compete in Basic Skills Competitions
  • No Testing Privileges
  • 10 Volunteer Hours Required Annually


Associate Membership 

Annual Membership Cost: $105

Must have a US Figure Skating membership as a home club member of another club, or as an independent member of US Figure Skating. Not required to have a CFSC professional. May participate in synchronized team skating, exhibitions, ice show, contract and buy-in ice.

  • Ice Contracting Privileges
  • No seniority or priority for ice
  • No Voting Rights
  • No Volunteer or Fundraising Required


Reciprocity Application

Annual Cost: $25

Privilege to contract for ice sessions at member rates.