What is Scrip Fundraising?

When you hear the word “fundraising,” you probably associate it with an abundance of wrapping paper, containers of cookie dough, and trinkets galore. What do these very popular types of fundraisers have in common? They all revolve around the selling of overpriced products that most people could live without. Scrip fundraising sets itself apart in this regard, as its purpose is to fundraise while you shop!
Click on the links below for more information on the Scrip program and how it works.
The enrollment code for our club is EE35DB423965L  
Chaska Figure Skating Club deposits all the profit into your skater's account. Some families use this program extensively to fund their skater's ice fees! Others particpate more infrequently but find that they're enjoying the credit that they're seeing in their skater's account.
Direct questions on the Scrip program to chaskafigureskatingclub@gmail.com

2018 Scrip Order Due Dates:

Please remember that all orders need to be processed on the computer before the end of club practice on the monthly cut off date. If you're paying by check, checks should be placed in the club payment box by the end of club practice, on the cut-off date as well.  If orders are late being placed, there is potential that the cards won't be shipping until the following month. 
Also as a reminder, any rebates earned during a month will be credited to the skater's club account the month after the rebate was earned.  
1/15 - Monday
2/15 - Thursday
3/15 - Thursday
4/15 - Sunday
5/15 - Tuesday
6/14 - Thursday
7/15 - Sunday
8/14 - Tuesday
9/15 - Saturday
10/14 - Sunday
11/15 - Thursday
12/6 - Thursday - An early order to get shipment in time for Christmas - VERY time sensitive so place orders early!