Aspire (formerly Junior Club)

Aspire is a great way for new skaters to become involved with the figure skating club!

We have 2 Aspire Memberships:

- Aspire Introductory: free for the 1st year, no volunteer requirement, no fundraising requirement

- Aspire: $60/year, volunteer requirement, fundraising participation encouraged but not required

We also offer Aspire classes, which include a 15 minute small group lesson and 30-45 minutes(depending on the session length) of time for skaters to practice what they have learned.

Current Aspire Class Dates & Times: click here to go to the calendar & filter to Aspire Programs or go to the Ice Contracting & Rink Monitor tab and look at the Ice Times Overview Document.

Click Here for more Aspire Information & Registration Instructions 


Membership Progression from Skate School to Home Club

additional membership information & instructions for how to become a member can be found by clicking here to view our Membership Page

Description of what happens at each Membership Level