Several local school districts have developed a program enabling students who participate in non-school-sponsored sports to receive an Athletic Letter or Certificate of Participation.  This is an exciting opportunity for figure skaters to be recognized by their teachers and peers for their years of participation and dedication to their sport.  Letters are awarded at the Annual CFSC Spring Banquet

You will be eligible to letter if, in a program year (June 1 – May 31), you: 1) skate 150 hours (200 45-minute sessions), 2) participate in three public events, 3) have attempted at least one USFS test, and 4) have passed your Juvenile Freestyle test or higher.  Graduating seniors who meet all other criteria will letter without having passed their Juvenile Freestyle test.  Others may letter if they meet certain competition achievements.

You can view the Lettering Packet, which includes the complete list of requirements and lettering process by clicking on the Lettering Packet Link below. 

CFSC Lettering Packet